This story is about an epic two week journey we made through the jungle. We followed a route we’d read about in the South American Explorer’s Club magazine, and we did it in reverse. Four of us got together. Ruben, a tour guide in Huancayo, was hoping to use this route with tourists in the future. As a result, he’d done some planning and we had at our disposal a boat. A brand, spanking new boat made solely for the new tourist route and we were to be the guinea pigs.

From Huancayo then, we set off to Satipo by…

When I present workshops on decluttering, I talk a little bit about each room in the home and provide tips and inspiration on what to do to declutter the space. In the bathroom, I start by asking people to do a plastic audit. Just to count how many items of plastic they can see. This includes bottles of cleaning products, toothbrushes, sponges and anything else that’s made of plastic including things that contain plastic, things like razors, toilet brushes, cosmetics with a plastic bottle and metal lid. …

Why is decluttering good for the planet? What do they even have in common? Well, I guess I’m still learning, but what I do know is that since I left my day job I only do things that I enjoy and that align with my values and that has to be good for the planet for a start, because, until we start to love ourselves there’s no way we can start to love our environment and the world we live in. I started decluttering my own things 5 years ago, ebay loves to tell me I’ve been a member since…

Springtime, farming and involuntary holiday

13 April 2020 — Easter Monday

We’ve been staying here at our family farm for about 3 weeks now. I remember calling my mum and saying ‘can we come and self-isolate with you’ but I don’t remember the exact date. Mid-March anyway.

When we arrived, it was cold. The wind was blowing from the east and the dog/cat flap had fallen off the outside door, so with the always open dog/cat flap on the inside door having always just been a missing pane of glass, the wind travelled freely through both and I nearly shoved…

How many times have you wished for a duvet day in the last 6 months? And now you have one what’s it like? The first few minutes extra in bed on the first day were bliss, the first few days of a few extra minutes in bed were such a luxury, and probably much needed.

And now, a week or so in, how is it? Still amazing? A bit worrying? S***, it’s nearing the end of the month and I’ve got payments to make at the end of it? Yup, I hear you. I thought I’d be able to weather…

My story starts with a pair of shoes: a specific pair, one that I’d bought to wear with a particular dress for a special party. Except, I went to the shops and tried on the shoes with socks. So I arrived at the venue, headed up to my hotel room, donned the lovely dress, felt great, then put on the shoes, now without socks. And I looked like I was ten years old again and had sneaked into my mum’s closet to try on her shoes. …

Everywhere I look, especially at home, I see plastic. Most things serve a (long-term) purpose and don’t bother me too much, but it’s the single use plastic that gets me. And the thing is, while it’s hard to live with no plastic, it’s pretty easy to live with less. A few conscious shopping trips have me aware of how much plastic there is on almost all the food we buy. And the recyclers in this world aren’t keeping up so let’s give the world a helping hand.

Completely natural products and packaging are not always the answer either if I…

There’s been a bit in the media about recycling and how we’re all doing it wrong. So negative! So, here’s our positive take on this BIG topic.

Let’s not gloss over the fact that recycling is resource heavy. It’s complicated, and can involve heavy industry. So firstly, let’s try to consume less, make less rubbish, buy products without packaging. Remember, the marketers are employed to make us buy, buy, buy:

I came across this while decluttering with a client the other day

Once we have stuff that we need to recycle, making it easy for the sorters, transporters and recycle businesses, is key to making it work.

Our main tips:

  • Food residue…

It was Fashion Revolution week last week. It’s an organisation calling for, amongst other things, transparency in where our clothes come from. We love fashion, and have our own styles but it’s a remarkably hidden industry. Like many large and popular industries, there are loads of processes, airmiles and middlemen in between the raw material and our favourite skirt. So it’s time to take action. …

I carried out an audit of the products in my bathroom and thought I’d share my alternatives here:

  1. Toothbrush: I have a bamboo toothbrush from Save Some Green
  2. Toothpaste: I’ve never tried making my own and frankly, am not a fan, but I’m trying out Taylor’s 32, which contains fluoride, and in theory comes in a recyclable tube.
Green favourites for brushing teeth

3. Soap: it’s a no-brainer. Soap instead of shower gel. When did we become addicted to shower gel anyway?

4. Shampoo: I’m trying out various solid shampoo bars. They’re mostly only available online but a useful plastic free alternative to the usual

Tash Fanshawe

I’m a declutterer. I help people to let go of stuff they no longer want or need. When I take things away, I promise to use landfill as a last resort

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